Thank you!

Printed copies for Activated!

tales of the activated

We DID manage to sell some copies. Thank you for the people who bought them.

Leslie did make a good suggestion of having the remaining printed copies available for buying with mailing. If anyone is interested in this option, please comment to this post and we’ll work something out. ^^v

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Our sad lack of updates :)

Hi all – It seems we have been a very bad set of wenches as of late. I shall do my best to remedy this with a few announcements.


As it turns out several of our projects have gone to completion (if you have been visiting the site).  

  • Activated and its sequel have completed here
  • Red Riding Hood (first arc) of Tales of the Big Bad Wolf has also completed here; ebook versions are available at Smashwords and Kindle
  • Memory of AUSOS is still serializing here, and the author has published a complete work “The Ghost Tiger’s Lament” (see info here)
  • Suzy’s Box has gone on indefinite hiatus, but you can kick the author’s butt here
  • TE Waters and I also launched a blog about serial fiction. Who knows how long we’ll have something to say, but you can read it at 



Webfiction World Podcasts

Hi guys –
In light of the podcast that went up featuring CSKay and her thoughts on the links between fanfiction and webserials, thought we should more properly introduce ourselves to bored link-clickers. In case you don’t know about this podcast, please visit the WebBeacon Network page for Episode 7 here. (

Creativewenches is a collaborative of four ladies who post serial content. Our connection to one another is secret enough that ninjas would kill you if we told you how we got together – but the important stuff you need to know is that our projects are listed to the right.

Forgot to post this a few weeks ago, but you can also hear the reading of the intro to “Tales of the Big Bad Wolf” in Episode 5 (

And lastly SGL will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta in Island E next weekend!

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