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Storyboard - Memory of AUSOS episode 1

As we are now officially underway, collaborations (or in this case “inspired’) works will become a regular appearance on this specific blog.

In reading the two part episode, there are two things that visually grabbed my attention.  The first was the idea of Intan, the lead heroine, wandering through the junkyard and standing before four giant dolls.   The second image draws from the second half of the episode and a part that I felt sort of toying with.  What is an intimate scene in the setting of the episode is chilling when you pull the camera back.    In thinking about what to do, I thought a lot about the visual of the doll in the backdrop.  Maybe I”ve been watching too much BigO, but mechs to me are interesting monsters in a way – although they are human controlled and operated.

There are a few artistic liberties here – first putting Intan’s doll in the water, largely because the symbolism of “birth” is important to me. This is the birth of a Doll in a metaphorical way in that it is now being used by a novice who was not intended to have it. (Or was she? I’m a fan of conspiracy stories, so I say YES. YES. YES.).  I also could not figure out what to do about the writer’s prompt that the Dolls looked like the wooden human figure dolls often used by artists.  Is the head the brain of the machine? All the circuity?  ANd what of the note regarding the enemy Doll and its monstrous face?  I had to think about that — and rather than giving Intan something crazy , I gave her something slightly anonymous, but sinister with insect like eyes on the Doll’s head.   That’s just me inserting my wishful thinking here. Ehehehe.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. T. E. Waters
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 00:11:39

    Oh, WOW. This is amazing! 😀

    I’m heading out for the night soon so this is a bit of a rushed response, but it’s so interesting to see what you managed to pick up from the text. XD You’re definitely thinking in the right direction… Hehehe. The mechs in this verse are definitely more Big O than Gundam.

    Sorry by the way that I never got around to sending you more details (as I thought you’d be busy with other things), but I have to say, I love how you ran with the idea regardless. Re: the monstrous face, “official” Dolls have brightly painted heads/bodies in the style of Noh or Chinese opera masks. Since Intan’s Doll was an older training model the paint’s already faded on hers (and there’s a good chance it wasn’t even painted to begin with). But this is an awesome interpretation too; I may have to work it in somehow. XD There are a few different variations of Dolls existing in this verse anyway.

    (Oh, and before I forget — you just totally made my week. Thank you!!! <3)


  2. SgL
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 00:38:00

    You know – I actually am glad sometimes not to have details. In this case I wanted to reinterpret a bit :). That’s sort of speaking more as storyboarder/concept artist, rather than an illustrator. Storyboarders (in my head) have a little more leeway to suggest something interesting than an illustrator, who usually tries to stick to the text.

    As a character/story point, I think the masks should not only differ, but change on some of the characters we know least about. I think if anything it will make us wonder whta is going on in the internal workings of a pilot, particularly one that is changing inside or has something horrific or delightful happen to them.

    Of course, I just like the idea of introverted Eg doing that just to troll everyone. :-*


    • T. E. Waters
      Dec 13, 2010 @ 06:19:21

      I’m glad too because it’s an awesome interpretation. XD

      I just like the idea of introverted Eg doing that just to troll everyone.

      Haha, you’ll have to get him into a Doll first though… 😛


      • SgL
        Dec 13, 2010 @ 14:08:26

        If this were a tv show, he’d only do it in the goofy segment at the end. This sounds more like Omake material…

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