Suzy up to now…

Here is a highlight reel of the past month of updates.

Mom works a lot, so when she’s home, she likes to watch weird shows from China with little boys that talk like little girls with super high voices.  I always fall asleep.

The counselor said I’m supposed to put the date down every time I write?  And that I’m supposed to keep everything so I can look back at what I wrote.  So DON’T recycle it after I write it.

Here is a picture of what I look like.  I drew it on a napkin.

There are a lot of White people here.  There are some Asian people and Mexican people and Black people too.

I waited until we lit all our sparklers and they were done before I walked over to Markie all calm-like.  Then I kicked him and ran into the house.

Markie complained, I could hear him from inside, but my parents never said anything to me.  They probably thought he deserved it.  (He really did)



In other news, Suzy also now has a Twitter account!  You can follow her where she will impart little Suzyisms to you, some of which may not be “canon.”  You can also ask Suzy questions directly and she will do her best to alienate you. 😀



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