What have the wenches been up to?

All sorts of stuff.  A lot of it is focusing on our individual projects, but we’re also tentatively moving the concept of a monthly collaboration to a bi-monthly collaboration, since the relentless ticking of time has been rather unkind.

Please bear with us!  We promise very cool things are on the way!

Meanwhile, another highlight reel for , a kid-friendly journey through the awkwardness of pre-adolescence.

Then he let me play with his gameboy so I won’t tell.  He’s a good brother.

My brother found a dead frog in our backyard.  The skin was all dried and crumbly feeling.  We showed Lea and she poked it.  Boop.

My mom says gremlins are the ones moving my things all the time. I think it’s just her.

Lessons I learned on July 12:  mosquitoes can still bite you even in the morning.

Markie (my sworn enemy) tried to scare me by throwing a grasshopper at me.  But I’m so much better than him.  I put worms on my head and chased him around.

He was scared of worms!  Or worms on my head or something.  What a dummy.  I WON!

Mom painted me and Lea’s nails today!!!  So we made desserts out of mud.

… …

Suzy occasionally says a few silly things or asks some questions over on Twitter.  Follow her at Suzysjournal!

The last two questions that perplexed her were:

-Nemo went from the toilet to the ocean. Does that mean the beach is full of people poop?

-If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, where do babies come from?


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