Crack Red Riding Hood Extras

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You can fill in your own internal dialogue/story.  These are alternate shots or things that for whatever reason, didn’t fit into the “canon” of the previous crack story.  It also reveals behind-the-scenes shots.

For access to the album: HERE

I knew I needed natural light for the photoshoot, but through the test shots, I discovered that actual sun was terrible for getting good pictures, so I migrated everything over into the shade.

I am not much of a seamstress, yet I somehow always manage to force myself to sew things.  The Wolf Man was rather challenging.  I am highly neurotic and feel obligated to keep the Japan Ken doll intact (please google image this guy) and as such, decided not to cut the plastic bits holding his hair in place in the back of his head as well as not remove his clothing because guess what?  HIS HAIR IS SEWN TO HIS OUTFIT IN THE FRONT.  So I had to design an outfit for Mr. Wolfram that would work around his clothes AND the two strands of hair trailing down the side of his face and attached to his chest as well as adequately cover up any bits of red clothing underneath.  Whew.

I am sort of a fan of his faux fur.  And even though I really doubted my ability to make the tiny wolf ears, they were incredibly fun and make him look hilarious imo.

Red is a very old doll from my (pre)adolescence.  Due to my neurosis, many of my dolls are still in tip-top form.  She had just the right kind of hair for Elanore: bangs, past shoulder length, with a curl.  There are issues with her red cloak, but shh…

Poor Edmund is being returned to my niece, so he will be recast should any future pictures be taken.  I may or may not also have to find new pants for him.

I’m trying to think of any other interesting tidbits…but they have since fled my brain.

On characterization of crack:

Don’t think.  Just do.

Boil characters down to the basic essentials and then exaggerate those things tenfold.

In the case of Elanore:  Unfortunately, she is quite passive here.  But the main attributes are her “ladyhood” and peacekeeping disposition.

In the case of Edmund:  As (arguably) a romantic, I made him melodramatic and speaking in wannabe-Shakespearean.

In the case of Wolfram:  Stoic, speaks mysteriously, and drops hints as to his true nature…


Hm…I guess next I should work on a collab for Ms. Waters?  BUT WHAT??  Sock puppets?? O.o


4 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. sgl
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 00:19:50

    oh dear. Some of these images look just SO wrong to me.
    Poor Edmund. He looks like a perv xD


    • C. S. Kay
      Aug 17, 2011 @ 23:01:47

      LOL. Oh you mean the shots where he keeps encroaching on her space? XD

      I find it so very interesting that a doll that only moves in a severely limited fashion can appear to have eyebrows that change the expression on his face when the angle of the camera changes.


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