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Hi guys –
In light of the podcast that went up featuring CSKay and her thoughts on the links between fanfiction and webserials, thought we should more properly introduce ourselves to bored link-clickers. In case you don’t know about this podcast, please visit the WebBeacon Network page for Episode 7 here. (http://www.webcastbeacon.com/webfiction-007/)

Creativewenches is a collaborative of four ladies who post serial content. Our connection to one another is secret enough that ninjas would kill you if we told you how we got together – but the important stuff you need to know is that our projects are listed to the right.

Forgot to post this a few weeks ago, but you can also hear the reading of the intro to “Tales of the Big Bad Wolf” in Episode 5 (http://www.webcastbeacon.com/webfiction-005/).

And lastly SGL will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta in Island E next weekend!


Update, A Square Paradise

Update: Enter Al (Written by CS Kay)

“A Square Paradise” is an experiment in round-robin fiction.

The explanation for how it was set up is here.

To start from the top, clicks here.

It’s Activated!

A drive by post to say “Hey, Activated’s first chapter is up!” Point your RSS aggregators and browsers at https://activatedseries.wordpress.com . Per EK, looks like it’ll be updating on Fridays (her local time) from this point forward.
*driving out to check it out”


We’re pleased to indicate that a new wench has joined us! Her series “Tales of the Activated” launches in January, and a link can be seen over there on the right side :D…

AUSOS updated with a fun little interview as well, and as you know, the rest of the other stories have been keeping to their weekly updating schedule.


Excuse the dust

Creative Wenches is slowly putting together our schedule for the team. At the moment it looks like projects will begin in November, December and January.

Peeking is permitted! (See here)

Once all ladies have thrown in the hat, so to speak, we’ll start posting our updates. Please feel free to click “Syndicate” or fill out the email form on this page to subscribe for updates.