More January 2011 collaborations: EK interviews SgL

EK interviews the Count’s greatest nemesis (of Big Bad Wolf fame, hehe) and asks six questions. ┬áDiscussed are the history of this collective, inspirations for writing, and, well, moving on.

Encode. Resurface memories. Activate!



i has gravatar pic now

I finally have a nice Gravatar icon, courtesy of Suzy Long, with much thanks from CSKay. ^^v

hello to all of you nice people

I suppose it is now time to properly introduce myself.

Hello, I am EK, and SgL kinda knows me from the days of the RK fandom.

(The ‘jumpercable’ username btw is based on this WP site, which is the ‘calling card’ site that has my portfolio, and is the first WP site I made. Jumper Cable is the first story series I made, and there are several stories scattered on the web and in publication.)

As mentioned by the admin in the post below this, the WP site is Tales of the Activated, and the first to be up over the coming weeks is the Activated core story. The site will eventually have one-shots regarding that core story, as well as the Nanowrimo project this year (which is still not done, egads), Harmonics. I’ve done a basic move-in to the site by now, I hope you like it.

The art that SgL used for the banners could be found here. The art is done by Kae. However whatever art I have from her is out of niceness and on-the-fly inspiration, and is thus sporadic.

Basic character profiles on the main characters can be found here.

The introduction to the story is already up, over here.

This is getting too long. Again, thank you very much for having me, and I do hope you like the story.