An explanation for “A Square Paradise”

For this collaboration work, one author set the scenario, the other authors were only told they would be writing a response to that scenario from one character’s point of view.

Prior to starting, responding authors were asked to provide several responses which were then used to assign character traits to the “role” they would inhabit for the writing portion of the collaboration.  They were not aware of what these answers would eventually correspond to until after all of them had submitted their choices.  They provided

  • One number under 100: This would be matched to age of the character
  • One number between 1-30 (This corresponded to street in a NYC type city with a grid formation. Streets with numbers run north south. Streets with letters A-Z run east west.
  •  A number 1,2,3 or 4: Posting order
  • Choice of color Red or Blue: Red was used to assign female, gender Blue male.
  • Choice of sense – Taste, Touch, Smell, Hear:  Written characters were to incorporate sense into the narrative.
  • Defined a Phobia:  This was assigned to the writer as the character’s phobia, to also be incorporated into the response as appropriate.Assigned character traits or locations were then returned to the writers, who were allowed to establish any other information or backhistory. They were then provided a scenario (Part 1), and wrote installments for their characters to be posted here.

Depending on how this goes, we may continue this as a “round-robin fiction” or guided roleplay.


Begin the Story


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