Each member is currently working on a serialized project:

Suzy’s Box: The Journal of a Disturbed Girl – C.S. Kay, Updates Wednesdays
Since “the incident,” nine year old Suzy is forced to keep a journal. With no help from her parents, Suzy must learn to be resourceful and navigate her way through a harsh midwestern suburb. She also likes to eat cheese.

Memory of AUSOS – T.E. Waters,  Updates Wednesdays
Mere weeks into the school year, the sudden appearance of rogue Dolls on campus grounds propels Royal Military Academy student Intan Aghavni to the forefront of a political revenge plot that has lain dormant for almost twenty years.

Activated – EK Gonzales, Updates Thursdays
In two regions where elements are controlled by programs, Pendi braces itself for another invasion by Selatan. Their best defense lies with one person, the Crimson Master. But two programmers need to find the new master, and help him accept the timelines he cannot change.

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – SgL, Updates Sunday evenings
In a fairy tale world, the rules are different. The Big Bad Wolf is neither bad, or a wolf. Red Riding Hood is not a little girl. And the poor Hunter is just confused.

Books I Read in Heaven – PereVision

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