A Square Paradise: An Event in Newton


Somewhere between midnight and dawn, the buses crossed the bridges of Newton. They drove in to the city and up the streets. They parked in front of the apartment buildings and schools. They parked in front of brownstones and grocery stores.

The doors opened, and the men in blue uniforms spilled out, lists of names in hand. The men in blue fanned out efficiently and quickly. They were accompanied by soldiers in black with guns. They had the names of the young people, all of those under forty and the special few beyond that magical age that a special committee had made exceptions for.

The people on the lists came out of their doors, each with a standard issue metal suitcase in hand. They looked around nervously at the others like them quietly filing on to the buses, noting which of their neighbors were standing them with them curbside waiting for their turn to board. They had not known who their other travel companions were these past few weeks. They just knew they were among the few that would be called to leave their lives behind. To discuss, to speculate with others could have meant that their names be crossed off “the list.”

They gathered up their families and their things, and stepped up on to the bus, marked “New Earth Enterprises.” From behind the dark windows, they quietly said goodbye to their homes.

As the bus left the island town, the bridges were closed behind them in order to make sure that there would be no followers.

Their lights traveled down the highways, past towns that, too, were being slowly emptied.
And the buses drove far, far away to the black ships that waited to take them to the moon


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